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Book Bordeaux Sip by Sip -

getting to the heart of the Bordeaux Wine Region

a personal story over 30 years, wine guide to visiting what is important in the region and finding good value in this exceptional wine terroir.

Its been 30 years since I arrived on the quayside in Bordeaux city, weary from my travels in this funny tin can of a car (a 2CV) leaving behind all familiar in my native England and confronting a foreign city and its foreign language. I was to be a wine stagiaire (intern) in a famous wine merchant house of Sichel known for its Margaux wines Château Palmer and Angludet and its dynamic director, Peter Sichel.

Well here is my story, 30 years on, in a guide book on Bordeaux. I am not the same girl, and nor is Bordeaux (We've had our ups and downs along the way) - but we've never been better! Bordeaux is famous for its Grand Cru Classé wines which have become out of our range. I would say that the stars to be found today in Bordeaux is in the 15 to 25€ bracket. Most of these are produced by the stalwarts of Bordeaux, the SIPS - Small Independent Producers.

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$24 to the USA per book ($45 for two)

£20 to the UK per book (£35 for two)

20€ to France per book (35€ for two)


“Enjoyable and delicious experience. I learned a lot.”
Joan S.
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