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SIP - Small Independent Producers

My speciality the SIPs! - Small Independent Producers

Private Bordeaux Wine Tours  Never has there been a better time to visit Bordeaux (the châteaux are open again and ready to welcome you). Thirty years of experience in the region and never before have I seen so much dynamism in the small and famous properties. Particularly in terms of biodynamics and making pure, precise wines like never before (see my Bordeaux Wine Blog since 2007).

Over thirty years of experience, enables me to open doors and organise visits that truly go behind the scenes. I generally would advise visiting three châteaux per day of course the well-known impressive classified ones known throughout the world but also smaller family run châteaux, to meet face-to-face the passionate people who grow the grapes and make the wine -  "Real wine producers with wine-stained hands and soil on their shoes."

A hands-on connection with wine (having a property in St Emilion) keeps me informed 'from the inside' of the fascinating world of wine as it evolves through the year. Being an anglophone enables me to better communicate and understand your needs and build an individual itinerary that suits you. As a wine writer I am continually discovering new and interesting wines, people and places to show you.

For more information on what I feel is important when preparing a tour for you, here is the my usual private wine tour response which includes lots of detail which might help you plan and choose myself as your guide hopefully!

Tramp round a vineyard, blend your own wine, taste wine direct from the barrel, or a range of old vintages, learn about food and wine matching with produce direct from the local market, or visit a barrel-makers. The choice is yours. I can put together an itinerary that perfectly suits your interests and schedule.

After a morning of visiting châteaux and tasting, it is important to take time to rejuvenate over lunch. I know of some wonderful simple wine connected restaurants off the beaten track.

Bordeaux is a wonderful city and makes a great base for your wine tours, not being so far from the main regions of the Medoc, St Emilion or the Graves. Try and dedicate two days at least; one of the right and one for the left bank.

Enjoying wine is above all a personal experience. Learn about the way you appreciate wine in a fun, innovative way that will perhaps change the way you think about this fascinating subject forever!

I look forward to hearing from you soon, Nicolle Croft

I know that this has been a difficult period for everyone, but in France 'normal life'  has resumed as much as it can and the châteaux are open with wide arms! When you are ready to make plans, come to Bordeaux, I'd love to show you around. The current vintage is underway and to keep updated follow me on instagram or via my blog. It is reassuring to see that Nature continues her daily growth and it seems more beautiful this year when we have more time to stand and stare....Sharing wine around the world in our homes brings us together and helps to support the smaller producers  (the SIPs). Keep healthy Bonne Santé to you and your loved ones. Cheers!

Meanwhile to whet your appetite my NEW BOOK has just come out with lots of anecdotes and colour photos to help you to understand better the region and more importantly find GOOD VALUE Bordeaux wines. There are lots of tips of where to find them.


Nicolle Croft

For more info and how to order your copy click here;

'BOOK Bordeaux Sip by Sip - getting to the heart of Bordeaux Wines' (Editions Sudouest)



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